Standard Websites - Wordpress

Social networking sites are great for increasing your visibility, but sometimes you need to project a more professional image. Thats when you need to consider getting your own Domain name and having a web site developed uniquely for your business. This also tends to increase credibility and trust in building a loyal customer base. Check out the links to some of simple entry level sites developed by us.

Our packaged websites are developed with Wordpress (WP). This is a Content Management System (CMS) that empowers the owner with editing functionality. That means you can update your own content, be that media or text, and potentially styling, depending on your familiarity with the WP environment. Our basic entry level site starts at R2 000. This is for a scenario where the customer knows exactly what they would like and has all the media and content available. If the customer would like us to be involved in media selection and content creation, that would be quoted separately. We also can help with hosting your site via our service provider at an annual fee of R700/yr (includes compulsory domain annual renewal) Support is also available at 15min billable periods. No support will be undertaken without prior domain owner consent. All sites include a google analytics and search console. This data would assist in any future SEO undertakings. Regular back-ups are also performed.

Customised and e-commerce websites

If you are looking for something more customised, perhaps that can interface with your business processes we also develop in ASP .net (e.g. this site). Another customised ASP .net site for pattern (material) selection can be found under the 'demos' tab. For e-Commerce solutions we would utilise tried and tested frameworks within WP. These projects can vary greatly in scope but costing would typically start at R6 000.

Analysis and visualizations

Our consulting services also include transforming and statistical analysis of data sets, be it a once-off task for a presentation, or a repetitive solution Please visit our visualizations tab to get an idea of what we can do.

Business process automation

Consider freeing up your most valuable assets (your staff) time, by automating repetitive administrative tasks. By taking the mundaneness away you might be unlocking their creative and innovative spirits! Examples of this would be any process involving 'double capture' or repetitive calculations with human error risk.

Financial analysis, business cases and feasibility studies

Check out the models on clean hydrogen production and rent or buy decisions using Excel and Google Sheets.

Android applications

We also develop usefull apps to run on your Android phone. The featured app in the link, Web Checker, helps you determine whether your Web site provider (hoster) is doing a good job and can check for instances when your site isn't available. These apps are custom made, typically for smaller businesses or NPOs that want to do anything from 'manage their parking bays' to 'stock take'.

Protection of Personal Information

OptDev (Optimum Developments) is a South African entity and adheres to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act)